Founder, Executive advisor & principal consultant

I am a person who gets along well with different types of people and have an energetic and enthusiastic way of challenging and developing. I operate by questioning and being straight-forward but am also solution-oriented. My approach is very practical and my ability to perceive the big picture is one of my strengths. I want to get to the core of things and understand why things are done in a certain way and where they are aiming at

I don’t believe in coincidences but development and success is a result of putting oneself on the line and taking purposeful action. Often the biggest challenge is for people to abandon their own beliefs and old, even good, practices. Growth requires an inner flame and courage to take an unknown step. I am inspired and motivated by being able to help people and their organizations move forward, identify specifically their needs and solutions to them.

Prior to my current career in developing organizations, I worked for 10 years in international sales, marketing, and business management positions in the industrial sector. I had the opportunity to set up a new business and foreign subsidiaries. Although I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, my thesis was in the field of work psychology and leadership. Alongside work I have completed the Professional Teacher Education, as well as, Specialist in Competence Based Qualifications, Approved Board Member programs, and the latest being Professional certificate in Executive coaching from Henley Business School.

Since 2009 I have worked with organizations in developing their expertise and personnel on all organizational levels. I have been involved in creating a number of business and leadership training programs and worked for several years in charge of leadership-, business management- and product development- vocational qualifications degree programs. Consequently, I have had the privilege to act as a partner, developer, and consultant to hundreds of different kinds of organizations and thousands of people in dozens of different countries and cultures in both the private and public sectors. Through every encounter, situation, and question I have become aware of how much I have yet to learn. The sectors that have become most familiar to me are industry in its various forms, education, justice, social affairs and health. Finnish and English are my working languages.

I enjoy my work but home is much dearer. My batteries are recharged with my American wife and our six children. Now I am also a father-in-law and a grandfather. Leisure activities include renovating and sports and books can always be found on my nightstand.

My life values can be summed up: home, faith and the fatherland. 

Pekko Nieminen


An absolute professional to whom the success of the customer is everything.

He quickly grasps the big picture and discerns the essentials. Energetic, hands-on, and participatory. 

Tel. +358 40 542 8009


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