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Self, that is, the harmony of a person's own inner action. Knowing, accepting and developing oneself. Everything begins with me- we cannot change others. Why do I act the way I do and how does it affect other people and business.


Unity is about a team’s and organization’s dynamics and culture - Building a winning team.

Harnessing the unique potential and talents of individuals for the common good. This requires a common set of values and a common playbook.


Clarity and a common direction will not help if there is no effort. This is achieved by creating positive energy and drive. Committed and motivated people are the accelerator of action.


Clarity, a common direction, at every level of the organisation. The Mission, Vision, Strategy and Business Model must be reflected in the short-term goals of teams and individuals. In everyday actions. In measurable ways.


The glue that holdsit all together – Leadership. It isn’t the random actions of individuals. Common Leadership principles, practices, tools and methods.

A comprehensive recipe for success. There is no shortcut to happiness!

Addressing people, teams, practices, business development and leadership. 

Why choose H.U.M.A.N. coaching?



Increase self-awareness. Gain a better understanding of your own behavior and ways of operating.

Better understand your own strengths and development areas.


Acquire tools for developing teamwork and the means to build your organization into a winning team, that plays on the same game field and has a common playbook.

Learn to better understand your co-workers.


Ensure your common direction. Mission, vision, strategy and values. Linking these to your day-to-day activities.

Helps you to define your mutual and personal goals. Improving your own and common working.


Sitoutuneet ja onnelliset työntekijät ovat 30 % tuottavampia ja 3 x luovempia kuin muut! Kuitenkin vain alle 20 % työntekijöistä on erittäin sitoutuneita työnantajaansa. 58 % ihmisistä pitää huonoa johtamista suurimpana esteenä tuottavuudelle. Esimiehet ovat 5 x tuottavampia työskennellessään huipputiimissä kuin keskivertotiimissä.

Ei riitä että teillä on yksittäisiä huippuosaajia, -esimiehiä ja -tiimejä, vaan koko organisaatiossa tulee olla yhtenäinen ajattelu- ja toimintatapa. Organisaatiokulttuuri muuttuu, kun yksilö muuttaa toimintaansa.

Autamme ajattelu- ja toimintatapojen muutoksessa:

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What are the most common mistakes growing businesses make?

Growing business can be exciting, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. As business grows, it faces new and unique problems that can impact its success.

In this guide, we will discuss the most common problems that growing businesses face and how to overcome them.


We utilize proven and reliable tools and methods to support coaching and the development process. We are certified in using the following tools, among others in our coaching modules.




Essentially, anything is possible. Yet, generally speaking, only training directed at developing knowledge, skills, or basic competencies should be delivered online. When it comes to making a lasting impact on the way individuals and groups think and act, a physical event is significantly more effective and efficient. There is no substitute for face-to-face presence in such situations.

For example, in the context of developing an organization's culture, value-added workshops, such as those conducted virtually, add significant value.

Also in personal coaching, after building trust, virtual coaching is an effective solution.

To be honest, it is not easy to measure the absolute effectiveness of coaching because there are so many variables. On the other hand, the results from clients have been remarkably positive. It can't be without impact if

1. Everyone knows what is expected of them and how they are performing in relation to those expectations.
2. Objectives are aligned with the organization's strategy.
3. Everyone has a better understanding of their own self and strengths and systematically develop themselves.
4. The team improves their understanding of different working styles and is better able to build on strengths.

In practice, effectiveness is achieved through better motivation and commitment, a sense of meaningfulness, a smoother functioning team and organization, and a sense of common purpose and clearer focus. This is reflected over the long term in

1. Job satisfaction (retention)
2. Improved employer image (easier to recruit)
3. Improved financial results

The majority of people do get involved and enthused. On the other hand, it's good to recognize and acknowledge that when an organization's culture changes, not all people feel it is still their own culture. It is very common for turnover to occur as the culture changes. This is even desirable. If a person does not feel the culture and practices fits them, then it is in everyone's best interest that a change occurs. Both the individual and the organization are better off. Yet everyone always has an opportunity to develop, to change, and to choose.
Not if leadership is managed appropriately and everyone is involved. On the contrary, this is perceived as very motivating and inspiring. Very often I have heard feedback from team members that it's great that we now have 1-1 conversations about issues. It is a basic right of employee to know at all times what is expected of them and how they are performing in relation to those expectations. Unfortunately, this is not often the case. When objectives are clarified, leadership is made systematic and people are engaged, this becomes a reality. It is a matter of how this is achieved.

There are many reasons. First, it creates trust. Very often, friction within an organization, such as the classic sales-production clash, arise partly because the focus is different in these functions. The right things are being accomplished but at a different pace. There is no common priority.

This is why goal setting must always start at the top of an organization. The leadership team must be able to clarify clear priorities, which then lead to common objectives. Once this is in place, it is possible to ensure unified focus and priorities. When people can also see on a personal level what they are striving for, this automatically eliminates conflicts and suspicions about what others are doing.

As short as possible. One-year targets have little significance on day-to-day operations and management. The target period should be short enough to trigger immediate action. This also allows for better and more effective leadership. In practice, organizations often end up with quarterly targets.
If we don't have a clear understanding of what good leadership and organizational performance mean for us, we let all the flowers bloom as they wish and where they choose. In practice, this means that we are likely to silently tolerate poor behavior, conduct, and underperformance. In doing so, we punish those who don’t have these issues. When leadership is unified and the organizational game field and play book are clear to all, it creates tremendous leverage and opens the door to success.
We understand the people, the business, and the business models required. We have a comprehensive approach. Rather than just providing coaching and training, we focus on how to really make things part of how everyday actions. It's easy to get people enthused in a coaching session but the challenge getting each individual to implement new practices in their daily routines. This demands structures and tools.

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Mitkä ovat yleisimmät ongelmat kasvuyrityksessä?

In this guide, we will discuss the most common problems that growing businesses face and how to overcome them.

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What are the most common mistakes growing businesses make