I am an extrovert who enthuses and challenges people. I deem it important to be involved in meaningful matters. At times I find a little philosophy “flaw” in myself, because I enjoy finding a meaning, in-depth reflection of matters, and questioning to be the most important factors for development. There is reason to know the old traditional ways of working, but they can not be indefinitely relied upon. History and theory must be familiar but the result is determined by actions.

In my work with different people I have drawn greatly from such matters that can not be obtained merely by reading or studying. I feel very privileged to have known many different and amazing people throughout my life. During my work-life I have had an officer’s career (Major retired, 2006) and my current careers as Sales manager at Viafin Gas Oy and business coach at Ave Group Oy. I want to set rather challenging goals for myself both at work and in life in general. “Dream Big” and a strong vision have brought me to my current situation.

In my opinion a person’s well-being enables comprehensive development and thus reflects to the community in which he works. I want to apply this to my own life and offer it as an example for myself most of all. I do not believe that development takes place from the outside, given. Every one of us can find an enormous amount of resources that can be used to reach goals that also feel challenging. This spark must be brought forward and it must be supported. I feel it is important that I am able to be a benefit to my family, friends and people in my working environment- to think and work to benefit others.

My speciality is related to personnel development and leadership. I have personally sparred about 1900 people, carried out over 100 different customer coaching packages and a total of over 800 coaching days. In my work I have encountered and been able to impact roughly 3500 people. Clients have ranged from small businesses to listed companies, employees to companies’ executive boards.The most important clients’ sectors have been trade, industry, construction, education, social and health care, aviation and financial.

Juri Haverinen


An excellent listener with a solution-oriented approach.

Draws on his practical experience and is able to engage in in-depth philosophical discussions.


Tel. +358 40 542 8009